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Tried to turn this leaf into a heart.
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well isn’t this lovely. and weird.

this is a very arty dick pic and thankfully not in a “slap a black and white filter over it” sense. you’re all blue and covered in flowers but your dick is raging hard and it’s all pretty funny and visually appealing. it’s not super sexual but it’s interesting, and i appreciate that.

thank you for submitting to critique my dick pic. your dick pic gets a B+.

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I'm ready to be critiqued


I am hereby submitting a dick pic (of sorts). Eager to read your response! I feel cautiously confident.

you really need to back up a cocky (…..) approach like this with the goods, and fortunately you have, by and large.

the way your dick is hanging out inside your boxers is frankly…

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Pic submission



So here’s me homie. Was weird about sending this in, but it felt really liberating and pure somehow.

thanks for sharing your homie with me, sender. i’m glad it was a pure and liberating experience for you and i’m happy to say that you’ve taken a good dick pic.

you’ve included a…

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happy birthday critique my dick pic!


exactly one year ago today, critique my dick pic was born.

i started this blog as a half-joke but with an ambitious goal: to rid the world of dull, artless dick pics. it’s oddly emotional for me to think about the momentum this blog has gathered in such a short space of time, and i’m thrilled to…

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He’s going to resent my choice of words in a few years.
When he’s older, I’ll direct him to critiquemydickpic so he can learn how to do them well.
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Went with a more “vulnerable yet strong” picture. Still flaccid,with unruly hairs. One hand is caressing, but the other one is firm. That’s my take on it. What do you think? Love your blog! 
L-C adds: Oh wow, this is a beautiful dick pic. I really love this. “Vulnerable” is exactly right — but not weak at all, no; simply, wonderfully human, with those unruly hairs (they’re so perfect and cute!) and your belly button and all the marvelous shadows softening some things and sharpening others. For the most part I love the general grouping of hands, cock, balls, belly button - it could’ve been too crowded but I think your left hand and wrist are placed just right to get in some space, as do your fingers and thumbs cradling your cock rather than gripping it. The way you’re cupping your balls is basically perfect, and I love the angle of your dick (as well as the fact that you let it be flaccid, at rest). My one teeny pseudo-criticism is that your right hand position seems a little forced, almost as if you were sizing your cock with it (I think you may’ve intended to sort of present your cock to us — or you were just giving it a base because it was flaccid?) - it just cuts across your leg a little stiffly, while your other hand curls so tenderly around your balls. Something about it jars me a bit when I look at the overall framing, which is otherwise basically perfect. Also, your right thumb is hiding the right side of your belly, which I think might’ve provided a touch more balance if it’d been visible (I’m really liking your belly being such a big part of this pic, though, so maybe I just want to see more of it). But overall, this is just wonderful. I don’t grade dick pics (these reviews are too derivative of the amazing critiquemydickpic already), so let’s just say this one is very high among my favorites so far. It’s also a great pleasure to see someone put this much care into taking a dick pic, as critiquemydickpic might say (everyone, I’m pimping her blog because it’s stunning; go see it). And as it’s such a great pleasure for me to receive, I hope you have someone you can (of course consensually) please by sending her/him this beauty!This is such a great submission, thank you. (And thank you for the compliment!)
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Robert Gligorov “Ghost”
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